No.2103 UTh3WCA 13 days ago
I'm confused, why are people commenting asking to be Invited to raids ... Do you not know how to use this website??? I've battled and caught 12 giratinas already in the last 4 hours... It's quite easy, you pick it from the auto-join button up top, wait I alittle while, then join a group, get your raid, and done! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️


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  • No.2120 IpJiYQc 10 days ago
    I think a lot of it is people not remembering this is a Japanese site so if you want to raid then you need to be on here when their raids are active.

    Also you could try and host a raid yourself plenty of people to help.
  • No.2114 cjg4ZA 11 days ago
    And it's quicker
  • No.2113 cjg4ZA 11 days ago
    Lier how do you get that far I was at 100 and it took four hours olso people look here
  • No.2109 VDdigkA 12 days ago
    Exactly. They should just not allow people to post numbers on this thing.
  • No.2108 UTh3WCA 12 days ago
    Like I said, I Literally caught 12 giratinas in less than 4 hours. DONT be discouraged by the "number" you are at in line. I've actually gone from being 389, down to 30 in one 20 seconds update. It also matters what time you are coming on. Try to come on when it's either early morning or later at night in china and Japan. They have soooo many raids going on, almost all my remote raids end up in Japan!
  • No.2106 Jess/FIJWdTI 12 days ago
    All the Girantina raids are occupied
  • No.2104 FjcxaSY 13 days ago
    Well seeing as I've been in line for 45mins sometimes ppl will read the comments section and send an invite faster 8969 9926 3627 looking for dratini