No.2675 @quad 15 days ago
I'm puzzled. What is the logic behind cancelling once you've gotten the invitation and participated in the raid? I just had three people do it after one raid.


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  • No.2712 @quad 7 days ago
    Thank you for your insights, folks. I'd had single users do it before but that was the first time I saw three of them in one raid.
  • No.2711 XPhieX/MAARMoc 7 days ago
    Or maybe they are just helpful for you. If they click cancel, anotherone get the chance to join your raid. So you can go for more then 20 people to invite
  • No.2708 @MajinLu 8 days ago
    I also had an user who cancelled after finishing the raid. I took screenshots. If they are doing that to come back to their previous positions on queue, I think I'll start blocking them too. They made us hosts look bad because it will seem like you aren't sending raid invitations. Also, if someone cancels, that prayer needs to report why if I remember that feature right.
  • No.2705 IFY5ZSI 8 days ago
    Some people believe if you cancel you can get back to front of queue which is not so. Some people cancel because the board you join always comes top of the list and getting the way of jumping in to next raid.
    I block those who cancel after joining my raid.
  • No.2703 @quad 9 days ago
    Nobody timed out. Everyone was READY, friended, and invited. They even joined the raid. THEN they suddenly showed up as "cancelled." It's just freakin' weird.

    I've hosted over 400 raids. I do know what I'm talking about.
  • No.2701 tina/JkZ4QBU 9 days ago
    They didn't click on ready, so they automatically timed out and it showed them as "Cancelled". I still invite cancelled people to my raids as long as they've sent a friend request.
  • No.2681 @quad 13 days ago
    They were all ready, friended, and finished with the raid. They they cancelled. I've seen some people do it but never three for one raid. I don't get it.
  • No.2679 Mysticmark2/FhAiZHA 14 days ago
    They aren't tapping the ready button, it's a pain in the butt