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Star Level (GO Raids Lv)

Every time you host a raid you get 10xp.
As you gain xp you will level the stars up.
XP table is here.
You can also get XP by sharing information on the map.

This is an automatic matching tool for joining and inviting remote raids.

Invite(Host)Join (Guest)

1.Select invitation

2.Create an invitation

3.Approve the friend request

4.Enter the raid and send an invitation


If you do not receive the friend requests for the number of people recruited, please select "Invite + 1" in the member list.
Up to 5 people can be invited at the same time
Up to 10 people can be invited by leaving once and inviting again
Remote raid invitations are also possible from the Sharing map.

1.Select Join

2.Select the boss

3.Start automatic matching

4.Send friend request to host after matching

5.Confirm the raid invitation in Nearby

6.Join using a remote raid pass.

Raid Invitation Tips

  • Even if you leave the lobby after being invited, you can re-enter the room if everyone does not leave.
  • No pass is consumed before the start of the raid.
  • After the raid, it is recommended to send a gift to express gratitude.
  • It's a good idea to unfriend after the raid so that you can request friends again from the same trainer.

Against unauthorized users

If you find an unauthorized user, such as an invitee not inviting a raid or a participant not joining in a raid, select to block that user.
Blocking will show that user's raid invitations in the list closed, and your raid invitations will not be visible to that user.

Can't register your trainer code?

There is a possibility that the same trainer code has been registered multiple times.
If your trainer code resets every time you visit GO Raids, please make sure your browser is not in private mode.

Comments (18529)

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  • No.18529 Angel13godoy/GUgZVpE 18 minutes ago
  • No.18525 JoeyR07/NBZmQjE 4 hours ago
    I finally got best buddy’s
    replies (1) 2 hours ago
    • No.18528 IjSCAJM 2 hours ago
      Pikachu is most overrated pikemon in entire history
  • No.18526 NZh2dEE 3 hours ago
    anyone think there is any chance of getting a celesteela raid or should i leave que and give up hope?
    replies (1) 3 hours ago
    • No.18527 SqlCat/@SqlCat 3 hours ago
      They are over in all the world, but it will return at pokemon gp fest 😊
  • No.18514 IlmRI0E 1 days ago
    First raid
    replies (1) 10 hours ago
    • No.18524 IlmRI0E 10 hours ago
  • No.18341 Shadowqueen6900/MQk2QQk 6 days ago
    This dude is an idiot.
    replies (3) 10 hours ago
    • No.18350 MSJUg1k 6 days ago
      I don't get it, could you explain pls? so i don't make the same mistake
    • No.18352 TURTLEBUDE43/QWaZOTY 6 days ago
      The guy waited till the user was offline before getting to best buddies for the xp then unfriended him so the user didn’t get any xp
    • No.18523 cESDRIA 10 hours ago
      Thanks for heads up. I have them as friend. I will ensure they don’t do that to me
  • No.18521 DrFrontier/NRNFYRc 13 hours ago
    Anyone know what the country flag emoji that looks like the Eastern Pacific part of the world?

    Is that supposed to represent Micronesia or is it a generic symbol for the whole APAC area? Curious!

    They seem to be the ones most often hosting Celesteela raids.
    replies (1) 10 hours ago
    • No.18522 IFY5ZSI 10 hours ago
      One with pokeball and swords is raid from different app called Poke battler. You need to be ML3 or higher to join their raids.
      One with blue globe is that host didn’t set their country, or raid from Japan which only has Kartana raids.
      Both are excluded to auto joining.
  • No.18519 Arlo487919/IBMVIoY 20 hours ago
    Just remote raided this guy and IT IS A HUNDO MY FIRST HUNDO FROM A RAID
  • No.18512 Make a offer/JDhhEhI 1 days ago
    mewtwo for shiny lucario
    I can spoof friend code
    30 day friendship
    1172 6842 7759
    replies (3) 19 hours ago
    • No.18513 tess/cwN2c3A 1 days ago
      nice lets do it!
    • No.18518 Make a offer/JDhhEhI 23 hours ago
      Ok send location/ cords
    • No.18520 MgUZaWI 19 hours ago
  • No.18516 ZCKBUQA 1 days ago
    Whyyyyyy 😭
  • No.18515 MUE2CHI 1 days ago
    Back to back let's go
  • No.18508 NURZeZQ 1 days ago
    For those who autojoined my raids of Celesteela, if you wait too long and you are “cancelled” instead of Ready I let others join. Sorry, but you are too late and I will not accept your Friendship request after the raid. I feel sorry for you, but Cancelled on the raid invite means no invite.
    replies (1) 1 days ago
    • No.18509 NURZeZQ 1 days ago
      And use your trainername so I can copy the trainernames list. I still see other names appearing.
  • No.18507 Voitnap/JkBIYTM 2 days ago
  • No.18506 Voitnap/JkBIYTM 2 days ago
    replies (1) 1 days ago
    • No.18517 JGM1ljY 1 days ago
      Wow please sent me your friend request this is my account sandy19147
  • No.18493 Strawhatloof77/MVaUloY 2 days ago
    Why is it so damn hard to catch Kartana like what is going on this is my 10th raid now and still can't successfully catch him why is he so hard to catch seriously I can't be the only one
    replies (4) 2 days ago
    • No.18494 hamishr3/KCF3lzk 2 days ago
      Last time they were in raids it happened to me
    • No.18495 Strawhatloof77/EGkRllY 2 days ago
      I finally got it after doing about 15 different raids crazy this is the only raid pokemon that I have ever taken so much time to tame it's insane
    • No.18503 MVRhYCI 2 days ago
      Catching it once in 10-15 raids is not normal. Join raids with at least 6 people to get enough premiere balls, use a golden razz before every throw, take your time and try to hit it with a great throw. It might sound stupid, but you should really practice your excellent throws on wild pokemon. I did 7 raids and caught it every single time with about 5-8 great throws. Good luck and happy hunting!
    • No.18505 IFY5ZSI 2 days ago
      Kartana is easy to defeat. 3 people with a best friend give you 20 balls.
      Reach your Gardener and Rail staff badge platinum and raid at gym on your colour.
  • No.18504 Ed1sson/MwIVYVE 2 days ago
    Anyone up for a trade?
    Cant spoof.

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