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You can display the top 50 Pokémon that counter Raid Bosses under various conditions, in order of fastest to slowest in defeating them. The average battle record is obtained by simulating the actual battle flow, and is useful as data for solo raids and time attacks.

Results (TTW & Death)

GraphIt is a graph with DPS and Total Damage as axis. The Pokémon that is showed upper right side is superior.
DPSIt shows damage per second, we should use it as an index to choose Counters for Raid . You can refer to the DPS in our site as “totally index” that reflects effect of stamina, because we simulate many actual battles until defeat and calculate the time to change next Pokémon as well.
TDOIt means Total Damage’s Output until defeating. The above DPS properly reflects stamina, so basically it doesn’t matter if total damage is low and we should choose Pokémon in order DPS, but sometimes you are able to have good results to avoid completely destruction by choosing the Pokémon that have high TDO when there are less trainers and it is not so much as rejoin from lobby. It is rational that high TDO Pokémon stays at the end of the party because it is difficult to assume until the actual battle.
TTLIt means Time to Live. It useful to assume the tide of battles and save potions.

Results (DPS & TDO)

GraphIt is a graph with TTW and deaths per person as axis. The Pokémon that is showed lower left side is superior. It shows the minimum number of trainers(*) at first display. You can change it by upper on the table.
TTWIt means the Time to Win if you use the same Pokémon unlimited times and battle is unlimited time. Dividing by the number of trainers will be the time to win for everyone.(*2)
DeathsThe necessary number of counters to win when the above situation. Dividing by the number of trainers will be the necessary deaths for one person.
Cooldown for
Charged Move
The average number of times of using charged move until defeat.
It is the maximum DPS in 10 situations. When there are some combinations of opponent’s moves, it is the average of the maximum. Although it is not the logical maximum, it is close to the maximum.

※ About the number of people initially displayed
・Mechanically, it is the number of trainers that average TTW is less than the limited time when winning only by Pokémon with the highest DPS. In the case of no time, It is necessary to judge whether it is possible to actually win, considering it is necessary to go back to the lobby.

※2 Abount TTW

  • It is the average number of second. Battle results depend on the tide, the actual battles might fast or late.
  • It often appears bugs that the damage you gave aren’t counted and turning back time by network connection. The actual TTW are often longer by it especially long battle.
  • It is necessary to add the time for going back to lobby when completely destruction.

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