GBL Leaderboard

his list is based on the official GO Battle League Ranking with the trainer's nationality and X account added.


You can filter by season, date, and nationality.

Personal Info

You can find information on each trainer for each season.

About linking country names, etc.

Linking country names and Twitter accounts

You can link your country name and Twitter account to the leaderboard.
Please contact us and provide the following information.

  • Nationality
  • The date you were listed on the leaderboard
  • A screenshot of the trainer's name in the game
  • Twitter account ID (@~)(optional)

Changing your trainer name

If you have changed your trainer name in the game, please contact us and provide us with the following information. To prevent incorrect registration, both the name before and after the change must appear in the ranking.(If you are listed in the rankings, your name will appear in the "Trainer Search" below.)

  • Screenshots before and after the change showing the trainer's name

If you have data from Seasons 1 to 3

For Season 1-3 data, only the last rank will be displayed. If you have information on the highest ranks for seasons 1-3, please contact us and provide the following information.

  • Screenshot showing season, highest rank, and score

Target date

Go battle league

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