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This is PvP auto Matching System. Start Auto matching by selecting rules and regulation from Look for Matches.

PvP Free Matching Board

- Let's Practice PvP -

What can you do with it

You can practice GBL with any ranked opponent.
You can practice the league (cup) before the event starts.
Easy to find Opponent by Auto Matching System.

Look for Opponent

Select League and opponent rank and Start!!

Start Matching

It will look for opponent automatically by pressing Start Matching.


You will go to [Let's Battle] When you get Matched.

Follow the discription and start!!

By Pressing「Copy the Regulation」and paste on your Pokemon Box, you can sort the Pokemon.
MatchesBattle Logトップメタ
How To Use

Coming soon.

Battle LogPokemonParty

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  • No.1 Kuya1010/YWZUBhA Mar 18
    Can we put our QR code for battles instead of our QR code to be friends for battles?