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available dateFebruary 16, 2019

Until now, all moves in Pokémon GO have only gives damage, but on February 16, 2019 buff moves that increase the attack power and defense power on self and on opponent, debuff moves that decrease are available for the first time. Buff moves are currently only available on charged moves on trainer battle.

What’s “Buff”?

Buff means the effect, the items and moves of temporarily increasing the status on the game.
Also, the effect of temporarily decreasing the status is called Debuff.

Effect power of Buff

There are 4 stages effect power each buff and debuff on both attack and defense. The amount of increasing once depends on move.

Effect powerBuffDebuff
1st Stage*1.25*0.8
2nd Stage*1.5*0.66666667
3rd Stage*1.75*0.5714286
4th Stage*2.0*0.5

Written on game

On actual game, it displays like following by effect power.

Up 1 stageAttack/Defense rose!
Up 2 stages Attack/Defense rose sharply!
Down 1 stage Attack/Defense fell!
Down 2 stage Attack/Defense harshly fell!

Buff effect when changing Pokémon

If a buffed Pokémon is changed once and then re-entered, the buff effect will continue without being lost.
Following video shows that they changed Medicham to Hoppip after Medicham had risen Power-Up Punch 3 stages, then they re-entered Medicham. Opponent’s damage rose than without Buff effect.

Other information that is related to Buff / Debuff

Effective even if blocked

It is effective even if opponent uses shield for moves that have Buff/Debuff effect.


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