IV Rank Checker

2020/04/19 17:28
You can check the exact Rankings of the Pokémons’ IV in each PvP League and each evolution. In addition, you can see the Level and the cost(Stardust and Candies) for power them up when you enter their CP.
How to use

It instantly shows IV Rank in each PvP League (Great, Ultra and Master) when you enter the IV that you want to check. It also shows the Pokémon Level and the amount of Stardust and Candies that need to power them up when you enter the CP.

Items that need to enter

PokémonChoose a Pokémon that you want to check the IV Ranking.
IVChoose the IV that you chose.
CPEnter the CP that you chose.
LuckyCheck a box if you check a Lucky Pokémon.
The wallpaper of result will be changed to lucky and it calculates the amount of Stardust and Candies for Lucky Pokémon when you enter the CP.
ShadowCheck the box when you check a Shadow Pokémon. The wallpaper of result will be changed. Also, it will show ”*the lowest IV is changed when you check Shadow Pokémon” below the box when the Pokémon that the lowest IV is 000(eg. Shadow Zapdos).

How to read the results


The following Pokémons might show the old CP on the game, so you should power them up once before checking.

  • Diglett, Dugtrio, Alola Dugtrio, Melton, Melmetal and Ninjask caught before Dec. 13, 2018.
  • The Pokémon got by hatching eggs or reward before Nov. 15, 2018.
For Dugtrio, once you power it up, it might still be old CP (Defense species value does not become 134→136), in which case it cannot calculate the correct PL.

Attack *Tapping the IV that you chose makes 0 IV.123456789101112131415Defense123456789101112131415HP123456789101112131415
CP  ×