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SEP 15 : Kyurem is appearing at McDonald's gym in France and has been added to Raid Finder.

This is an automatic matching tool for joining and inviting remote raids.

Invite(Host)Join (Guest)

1.Select invitation

2.Create an invitation

3.Approve the friend request

4.Enter the raid and send an invitation


If you do not receive the friend requests for the number of people recruited, please select "Invite + 1" in the member list.
Up to 5 people can be invited at the same time
Up to 10 people can be invited by leaving once and inviting again
Remote raid invitations are also possible from the Sharing map.

1.Select Join

2.Select the boss

3.Start automatic matching

4.Send friend request to host after matching

5.Confirm the raid invitation in Nearby

6.Join using a remote raid pass.

Raid Invitation Tips

  • Even if you leave the lobby after being invited, you can re-enter the room if everyone does not leave.
  • No pass is consumed before the start of the raid.
  • After the raid, it is recommended to send a gift to express gratitude.
  • It's a good idea to unfriend after the raid so that you can request friends again from the same trainer.

Against unauthorized users

If you find an unauthorized user, such as an invitee not inviting a raid or a participant not joining in a raid, select to block that user.
Blocking will show that user's raid invitations in the list closed, and your raid invitations will not be visible to that user.

Can't register your trainer code?

There is a possibility that the same trainer code has been registered multiple times.
If your trainer code resets every time you visit GO Raids, please make sure your browser is not in private mode.

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Star Level (GO Raids Lv)

Every time you host a raid you get 10xp.
As you gain xp you will level the stars up.
XP table is here.
You can also get XP by sharing information on the map.

コメント (6618)

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  • No.6618 @Dylanis 8 hours ago
    Timbur pleaseeee 5739 9539 7454
  • No.6617 IHEIkDE 10 hours ago
  • No.6609 NyUkhGE 2 days ago
    Can someone explain why my posts are restricted?
    replies (3) 13 hours ago
    • No.6610 IFY5ZSI 1 days ago
      By “posts” do you mean posting raid invite?
      Few things I can think of is…posting more than 2 raids at short period. Trying to add more than 5 people while your star level is lower than 3.
      Also if you had some inappropriate posts and get blocked or reported, your posts could be restricted.
    • No.6614 NyUkhGE 1 days ago
      technically i know what happened, it took me a long time to invite people to a raid because it hadn't started yet and i already posted a raid invite, and they came out, they must have reported me, though I'm innocent and now I can't host or even join raids, when will this end? It is the most reliable raid finder!
    • No.6616 IFY5ZSI 13 hours ago
      How long should be depends on the situation (some say a week while other says a month).
      But you shouldn’t post before raid start. People wouldn’t wait more than 5 min unless it’s hard-to-get-in raids (ex Celesteela). They will leave and think you posted a fake raid.
  • No.6615 cCiGkWA 23 hours ago
    Viridium please🤞🏼 5732 1282 6043
  • No.6572 ZhQXAjA 4 days ago
    Invite for Virizion please cod
    2374 3767 3358
    replies (1) 1 days ago
    • No.6613 Lorigirlvegas/EZIFKVY 1 days ago
      Did you get your Virizion?
  • No.6608 EhNEYmc 2 days ago
    Serenity1400 your friends list is full can’t send
  • No.6606 1stGrumpyFredod/gXNQYVA 2 days ago
    Looking for some New friends.
    Raid and gift.
    1stGrumpyFredod lvl 50
    7853 3832 7861

    2ndGrumpyFredod lvl 45
    8064 9024 1000

    replies (1) 2 days ago
    • No.6607 Winterbirke/@GYeCSaK 2 days ago
      Habe dich geadded 😊
  • No.6605 F1EpRVQ 2 days ago
    Never had this before caught first try too
  • No.6604 iQFkBZA 2 days ago
    I got celestial. who wants to change it for armored mewtwo.
    6170 8559 2484
  • No.6603 k1FCknA 2 days ago
    Last raid of the day and got this!!!
  • No.6602 M5cCWJY 2 days ago
    Add me 4909 3100 5591
    replies (2) 1 days ago
    • No.6611 JwYyAiU 1 days ago
      Do you invite people to raids alot?
    • No.6612 JwYyAiU 1 days ago
      Do you invite people to raids alot?
  • No.6601 IYkFAmk 3 days ago
    Add me for any mega raids please 4302 0731 4899
  • No.6600 MREBEBk 3 days ago
    I catched my Blatziken shinny!!! 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
  • No.6599 IFY1hGk 3 days ago
    Someone invite for sceptile raid
  • No.6598 NDJGZoc 3 days ago
    first mega blazekin raid and I catch this