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This is an automatic matching tool for joining and inviting remote raids.

Invite(Host)Join (Guest)

1.Select invitation

2.Create an invitation

3.Approve the friend request

4.Enter the raid and send an invitation


If you do not receive the friend requests for the number of people recruited, please select "Invite + 1" in the member list.
Up to 5 people can be invited at the same time
Up to 10 people can be invited by leaving once and inviting again
Remote raid invitations are also possible from the Sharing map.

1.Select Join

2.Select the boss

3.Start automatic matching

4.Send friend request to host after matching

5.Confirm the raid invitation in Nearby

6.Join using a remote raid pass.

Raid Invitation Tips

  • Even if you leave the lobby after being invited, you can re-enter the room if everyone does not leave.
  • No pass is consumed before the start of the raid.
  • After the raid, it is recommended to send a gift to express gratitude.
  • It's a good idea to unfriend after the raid so that you can request friends again from the same trainer.

Against unauthorized users

If you find an unauthorized user, such as an invitee not inviting a raid or a participant not joining in a raid, select to block that user.
Blocking will show that user's raid invitations in the list closed, and your raid invitations will not be visible to that user.

Can't register your trainer code?

There is a possibility that the same trainer code has been registered multiple times.
If your trainer code resets every time you visit GO Raids, please make sure your browser is not in private mode.

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Star Level (GO Raids Lv)

Every time you host a raid you get 10xp.
As you gain xp you will level the stars up.
XP table is here.
You can also get XP by sharing information on the map.

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  • No.2707 MYiFAyI 6 days ago
    2049 3873 1479 I need emergency community day gifts plz 😅
  • No.2704 Cocosyl/MoElB2A 7 days ago
    Add me if u want thx
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  • No.2677 RevenantMADNESS/JJcGCCY 12 days ago
    Please don't make people wait seven minutes to invite them to a raid, especially when you're hosting more than 5 people and plan on hopping out of the lobby anyway. Especially a one star raid you could easily be letting people solo or whatever. It's so frustrating waiting that long when I could be trying to find a new lobby by the time I do get the invite and have already unfriended you at that point. Now I can't get into the lobby cause you took to long and we're not friends anymore.
    replies (1) 7 days ago
    • No.2702 tina/JkZ4QBU 7 days ago
      They might be shuttling, especially if they're inviting a lot of people to a tier 1 raid. Each shuttle takes about 3 minutes so if you're in a shuttle #3 might have to wait a few minutes before they get to inviting you.
  • No.2700 XPhieX/MAARMoc 7 days ago
    Pls click cancel if you got my invite for drud, wo I can go for more raiders
  • No.2699 JhQEd4I 7 days ago
    Sorry posted wrong raid still new to this. But i will be inviting later today . I got this!
  • No.2698 GCkRkmY 7 days ago
    Hey can someone invite me to a genesect my trainer code Is 4916 0368 4937
  • No.2697 comIB4A 7 days ago
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    Thanks and stay healthy!
  • No.2695 ADD ME IF YOU WANT/QVKGEoA 8 days ago
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    replies (1) 8 days ago
    • No.2696 OTQVJXA 8 days ago
  • No.2694 ADD ME IF YOU WANT/QVKGEoA 8 days ago
    5336 7844 6729
  • No.2693 NkQ4WWE 8 days ago
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  • No.2692 VisheonX/JRZwBHA 9 days ago
    My Trainer Code - 9995 3151 4154
    My Referral code - 6B3Q984P3
  • No.2691 VisheonX/JRZwBHA 9 days ago
    My invite code 6B3Q984P3
  • No.2688 ImCVZ5A 10 days ago
    I can’t set the settings, i insert all the correct data, a pink push notification give me an error, someone can help me?
    replies (1) 9 days ago
    • No.2690 IFY5ZSI 9 days ago
      If you choose your location “world”, that might be the reason.
  • No.2686 QWmUkkA 10 days ago
    Why does it keep cancelling me once I have joined? How do I stop this issue....
    replies (2) 9 days ago
    • No.2687 QTMlmXc 10 days ago
    • No.2689 IFY5ZSI 9 days ago
      When you copy the host’s friend code to your clip board, your status become “ready” and no further action is needed on this site.
      If you hand write the friend code, you need to tap “ready” button within 90 seconds otherwise you’ll be cancelled out.
      Hope this helps. Good luck.
  • No.2685 TETRONICO L50/kyZUmYA 11 days ago

    For friends/ raids