Pokémon Trade List Generator

You can create a Pokémon exchange list and save it as an image.

Create Pokémon List

1Edit header title
2Edit List title
3Edit Pokémon list
4Sort Pokémon

1.Edit header title

2.Edit list title and columns

3.Edit Pokémon List
Select the Pokémon you wish to add to the list.

4.Sort Pokémon
The Sort button allows drag-and-drop sorting of Pokémon.

Edit details information

You can register detailed information for each Pokémon. For memo and badge, it is recommended to include, for example, inventory count and gender.

The badge appears below the Pokémon's image.

Edit Background

You can set the background of the listing. Backgrounds are available for each type, so you can set the one you like.

Saving and Outputting Images

Save the list you created and output it as an image.Up to 5 lists can be saved (login required).

Strage12 3 4 5


Pokémon Trade List

Wanted Pokémon

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Pokémon I can offer

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Number of display columns
Number of display columns
Badge (Displayed at the bottom of the Pokémon image. Max. 5 characters)
Memo (max. 20 characters)
Save+Image outputSaveImage output

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