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MoveFast moveCharged move
Explanation of words
Raid / Gym
PowerPower of the move. Following is the actual damage formula.
Damage=(ATK*Power*STAB*Type effectiveness/DEF)*1/2+1
EPSIt stands for Energy Per Second. The larger this number is, the shorter the time until the move is activated.
DPSIt stands for Damage Per Second. The higher this number, the more efficient damage is given.
Damage windowThe actually time of the damage appearance after cooldown. The move that quick damage time is superior for defender because it’s struggle to dodge. Also for attacker, the move is superior because it can defeat just damage time when defeating opponent.
CooldownCooldown of the move. Shorter cooldown is superior because of easily dodge after damage window.
PowerPower of the move. Here is the actual formula(Japanese).
EnergyThe energy that storage by a cooldown. Each charged move has particular energy and it can cooldown by reaching the maximum storage.
TimeThe number of necessarily turns for cooldown. 1 turn = 0.5s
DPTPower/Time. It means power per 1 turn.
EPTEnergy/Time. It means power per 1 energy.
DPEPower/Energy. It means power per energy and barometer of damage efficiency.

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