Explanation of IV Rank and How to check it

It explains IV Rank which is effective in Trainer Battle (PvP). It shows how to use some our excellent tools for checking IV Rank as well.

What is the IV Rank?

Rankings of the ability to beat opponents

Generally, IV Rank means rankings of the ability to beat opponents in status (=SCP) when you power up a Pokémon that has the IV up to maximum level or maximum CP (eg. 1500CP in Great League).

Especially, rankings of the ability to beat opponents in status is important in Trainer battle (PvP), so it is called PvP Rank of IV as well.

Basis of CP and SCP (Japanese)

Proneness to be superior

Basically, the higher in the Ranking, the higher ability to beat opponent one-on-one.

But in some situations that have limited CP like Great League or Ultra League (*except 100%IV and Lv40 Pokémon is less than limited CP. The same shall apply hereinafter.), the 1st rank IV is not the best for all opponents.

That is why there are various of status balances that depend on IV in situations that have limited CP, there are no IV that all status have maximum at the same time.

It is the big difference between Gym or Raid and PvP.

There are surely exist both opponents that great IV will beat and great IV will not beat but other IV will beat, because of engagement of number, so the 1st rank IV doesn’t have the best result for all opponents.

But it is the order in which there is a high probability of being superior when all conditions are combined, so it can say a ranking of proneness to be superior.

The number of opponents that higher IV rank will be superior to is greater than the number of opponents that lower IV rank will be superior to when assuming an environment that there are various of opponents.

Number of Ranks

IV exists 4096 ways because ATK, DEF, HP, each has 0 to 15 ways, except some Pokémon like Legendary etc.
So IV Rank also has 1st to 4096th (except the same rank. The same shall apply hereinafter).

Pokémon that is not appearing in wild and making special trade like Legendary doesn’t have 0 IV, so IV Rank has 1st to 3375th.

IV Rank that Pokémon that cannot be traded like Mew or Deoxys has 1st to 216th.

Reasons and Tendency of making differences

when there are limited CP

In the case of Pokémon that can be powered up beyond the limit in the CP limited environment, there are the following reasons ① and ② that cause differences in the ability to beat opponents (SCP) by IV, and each shows tendency.

①the difference of evaluation-axis from CP

There is not much difference in the criterion of CP because any IV can be powered up to close the limited CP.

But the evaluation value of CP strongly evaluates the ATK, and does not properly show the ability in PvP with the same value of ATK, DEF and HP.

The CP will be greatly higher if ATK is high, so in order to make higher ability to beat opponents (SCP) in limited CP, Pokémon that race value is close to ATK and that is with high IV of ATK among the same Pokémon are inferior.

Therefore, basically Pokémon that ATK IV is close to 0 and DEF and HP IV is close to 15 have higher ability to beat opponents (SCP).

②Engagement with maximum CP

The effect is small compared to ①, but it also affects how close the CP at the best level is to the upper limit (maximum), and it is superior to make maximum as close as possible.

IV that can be exactly 1500CP and 2500CP may be higher even if IV balance is not good.

Conversely, even with the ideal IV balance of ATK0/DEF15/HP15, if the engagement with maximum CP is bad, it may fall to 100th place.

when there are unlimited CP

100%IV (everything is 15) must be 1st rank when there are unlimited CP or 100%IV and Lv40 Pokémon is less than limited CP.

2nd and lower ranks decrease as the IV is lost (there is the same if the HP actual value does not change), but the status with lower race value is higher in IV, the status with higher base stats is lower in IV, so the order will reflect it.

Since the standard is different from CP, the 2nd and lower ranks are different from the CP order.

How to check①【IV Rank Checker】

IV Rank Checker

IV Rank Checker
This is a great tool that pleasant to the eye because you can check the rankings of all evolutions and all Leagues at a glance.

You can check not only IV Rank but also the best Level, CP at the best level, maximum CP before evolving, and you can see the current level and the cost (Stardust and Candies) for power them up when you enter their CP as well.

How to use

Just choose Pokémon and its IV.

It shows each evolution and rank of each league of the IV that you chose.

It would be efficient to check the same Pokemon together as much as possible.

You cannot use a Pokémon when it exceed the CP of each league after evolving if the current CP exceed maximum CP. So you should carefully check above.

Also you can check the current level and the cost for power them up when you enter their CP.
In that case, it says exceed instead of cost if it exceeds the maximum level.

IV Rank Checker (for Study)

IV Rank Checker (for Study)
This is a rank checker with excellent researchability that can set various conditions, and it can also be judged by entering this tool.

This tool shows the ranking list meeting some conditions that you choose and you can check a rank of Pokémon on the conditions.

You can check which IV is higher in ranking, which number of the rank on other conditions, is there strong IV to specific Pokémon etc. because it is able to show the rank list with the lowest IV changed and the result of narrowing down by status, received damage and given damage.

In particular, narrowing down IV ​​in consideration of the damage branch point will be useful for research of top players.

But “IV Rank Checker” is more convenient if you want to check just general rank judgment because it is needed to choose league and evolution.

How to check②【IV Rank List】

IV Rank List in PvP

IV Rank List in PvP
This tool is useful when you carefully select many same Pokémon at once like Community Day or exploring some nests, and it is easy to enter.

It shows IV that meet the conditions in order of IV.

In order of IV means lined up like 15 to 0 (the order of priority of ATK→DEF→HP), so it makes easy to search.

You can choose league (multiple choice allowed) and rank (eg. within 50th).

How to use

While looking at the IV of the target Pokémon in your box, look for whether there is someone in the table.

Don’t forget to check maximum CP if you find the IV that is in the table, because it will exceed the maximum CP after evolving if the capture CP exceeds the maximum CP.

In addition, since the number of ★ of leader evaluation is showed, please use it to judge whether you can use it together with narrowing down the leader evaluation of box search.

able to select carefully quickly

By looking at the target IV in order of IV, you can grasp which number sequence that is in order you want, for example, “ATK IV 4 is this, ATK IV 5 or more are nothing.”
It will make your selecting quickly.

Therefore, it will useful when you use IV Rank Checker as well, because you can reduce to check of extra ones by arranging IV that you want in the order of IV and grabbing the point when you check many same Pokémon.


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